Post Afghan War Footage
Taliban - Al-Qaida

[Al Queda Prisoners]
Al Queda and foreign-born Taliban Prisoners await feeding time. Prisoners were packed 15 to a 10x10 room. Shebrigan Prison, 2002

[Al Queda Reads Koran]
Pakistani Al Queda prisoner reads Koran aloud. Shebrigan Prison, 2002

Northern Alliance soldier shows off heavy machine gun. These men fought under General Dostum, a Northern warlord. Mazar I Sharif, 2002

Northern Alliance soldiers bristling with rockets ride around in Afghan's troop transport of choice:
a lightweight, Toyota Pick-up. Mazar I Sharif, 2002

Horsemen show off for gunman and children after winning a game of "Bushkasee" (a form of Afghan polo played with the head of a goat).
Village of Balkh, 2002

[Asphalt Worker]
Asphalt worker displays the hands of a working man. Mazar I Sharif, 2002

[Iman Mosque]
Iman of the ancient Balkh Mosque stands sentry.
Village of Balkh, 2002

[Donkey Tank]
Except for the tank carcass this shepherd on a donkey could have been a figure from the bible.
40 kilometers north of Mazar I Sharif, 2002

[Afghan Gym]
This Body Building club, decorated with pictures of Arnold Schwartzenegger managed to stay open during the entire reign of the Taliban.
Mazar I Sharif, 2002

The Afghani flare for the decorative is evidenced in this workhorse's bells. Mazar I Sharif, 2002

[Grave Stone Maker]
Sadly, this gravestone engraver practices one of the most thriving businesses in Afghanistan. He reminded the translator that the meaning of their home city of Mazar I Sharif is "City of the graves." Mazar I Sharif, 2002

[Blue Mosque]
The gorgeous blue mosque in the main plaza of Mazar I Sharif was built in the 15th Century and has survived countless wars in near perfect condition.

One of the commanders of Quila Jenghi prison where John Walker Lindh was captured gives a lesson in artillery. Outside of Mazar I Sharif, 2002
      In the summer of 2002 freelance journalist Ethan Prochnik traveled extensively in Northern Afghanistan shooting a comprehensive library of general purpose Afghanistan b-roll including city life, rural life, women in Burkhas, children, gunmen, shepherds, medical facilites and Islamic life (mosques, men preying, holymen, Imans, etc.). Prochnik also shot extensively in the afghan prison system and captured possibly the most intimate portraits yet of active Al Queda members. Unlike the shots of Al Queda terrorist prisoners in orange jump suits taken from hundreds of yards away in Guantanomo Bay, Cuba, Prochnik's images of ragged Al Queda and Taliban prisoners are taken from just a few feet a way. Highlights includes a twenty minute interview with Pakistani Al Queda who fought along side the Taliban and John Walker Lindh, footage INSIDE the prison cells, and images and interviews with starving and tortured Al Queda prisoners.

Prochnik also shot extensively inside the Mazar I Sharif fort, Quila Jenghi where bloody hand to hand combat took place. In late November of 2001, just a month after America's war on terror was launched, more than 400 hardcore Taliban and Al Queda troops, including "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh, were captured by the Northern Alliance and imprisoned in Quila Jenghi. While two CIA operatives interviewed Lindh, a cadre of Taliban fighters overpowered them and launched one of the largest prison revolts in history. The fighting raged for five days and resulted in the injuries and deaths of hundreds of Northern Alliance soldiers, as well as the deaths of more than three hundred prisoners. The battle also claimed America's first combat death, CIA agent, Johnny "Mike" Spann. When the smoke finally cleared, less than 60 Taliban prisoners remained alive (John Walker Lindh among them). Prochnik was given a tour of the battle site from the fort's Commander and a detailed account of every aspect of the battle. The battle site includes many examples of the carnage of war, including thousands of burned out mortars, machineguns, rocket launchers, etc.

This sensational exclusive footage from the beginning of the War on Terrorism is now available from International Historic Films, Inc. To inquire about rates or to order a DVD window dub (preview disc) contact us. (See contact details below)


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